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3 FAQs

  • How do I add items to the shop cart?

    To add items to your shopping cart, simply choose the menu tab called "SHOP". From their you choose your product and it will automaticlly be added to your shop cart.
    There is a cart icon on the right side of the menu navigation panel. The items you add, will reflect as a total number here.

  • How do I register as member on the site?

    To become a member, you will have to choose a membership plan, here is a link to register Sign up
    There is three membership plans to choose from.

    • Free
    • Silver
    • Gold

    All of them has there own benifits. By choosing a plan you will also become a user on the site besides a member.

  • How do I download from the site?

    To be able to download from the site, you need to create and account and become a member
    Depending on which membership plan you choose, you will see different download options