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7 FAQs

  • How do I add items to the shop cart?

    To add items to your shopping cart, simply choose the menu tab called "SHOP". From their you choose your product and it will automaticlly be added to your shop cart.
    There is a cart icon on the right side of the menu navigation panel. The items you add, will reflect as a total number here.

  • How do I register as member on the site?

    To become a member, you will have to choose a membership plan, here is a link to register Sign up
    There is three membership plans to choose from.

    •     Free
    •     Silver
    •     Gold

    All of them has there own benifits. By choosing a plan you will also become a user on the site besides a member.

  • How do I download from the site?

    To be able to download from the site, you need to create and account and become a member
    Depending on which membership plan you choose, you will see different download options

  • Cancell subscription?

    You can cancell your subscription at any time. No strings attached . Currently the plans are yearly billed.

  • How do I know payment is secure?

    The site has an SSL certifacte and has forced https enabled at all time. This means all your data is crypted and secure.

    As well as several security and optimization tools to make the site a safe place

    This in combination with payment gateways such as PayPal and STRIPE should cover all needs.

  • Join an Event?

    There will be occasionally online events. It can be a live feed where website admin takes questions and tutorial request or a contest on the the site.

    In order to join a event, you have several ways  to submitt as attede.

    •    Login with your facebook account
    •    Login with you google account
    •    Login with your twitter account
    •    Login as user of the site if you signed up.

    Click here for direct link to events calender

    Its that simple.


  • Why only a danish forum?

    Why only a danish forum when rest of the site is in english?

    Well that´s easy. Because there are already tons of really usefull  after effect forums out on the internet but not so many in danish.
    And as I am a danish citizen, I would like to provide my danish viewers a place to start their newly found passion for this software.

    Here below are some good After Effect dedicated forums