SOLiD MOTION is an online web guide for amateurs who want´s to get more familiar with video editing or expand their horizons in “motion graphics” and video effects.

The main element of SOLiD MOTION , is Adobe After Effect. This software is very flexible and provides a strong foundation for the aspiring video designer and / or the visual effects artist. The Web site is a resource to help users up to speed on using After Effects and to maximize your creative expression. There will be many articles posted on the site, which is linked from the best video enthusiast artist out there.

I have in my own opinion gathered articles, tutorials and tips from the best websites, so that you can get up to speed and making some of your own post production vfx movies


Icon-VideosIn addition to after effect I will also post tutorials and articles on cinema4D, as this is my favourite choice of 3d application software and it integrates perfectly with after effect. Furthermore has created an incredible 3D application that interact pretty fast with After Effect. It is called Element3D.

If you are registered member, then you will be able to download a lot of free stuff such as stockfootage, advanced project files, assets etc.

The review on the website will be an introduction to the world of video and film in motion design and visual effects. I address issues of fundamental concepts and work flows that are the core of professional composition and “exercise graphic” techniques. I will touch on very basic issues and topics which are the basic reason to further develop your skills in this exciting world of visual design.

I’ll show you what the few materials needed to quickly get started with editing your own small film production. Additionally, I will provide the site with:Useful links.

  • Books review
  • Tutorials
  • Downloads

I would challenge you to use your creativity and go the step further. Who knows what that can lead to. Maybe jobs in film industry, specializing in “special effects”

Welcome to explore the site. S O L i D  M O T IO N™